Carpé Residential is one of the very few residential brokerages out there to provide additional real estate opportunities. Carpé Residential is headquartered in Dallas, TX, and excels with a unique culture rooted in the passion for residential and commercial real estate through its affiliation with the Carpé Companies. We are an entrepreneurial group from different backgrounds drawing on many experiences across the real estate industry to provide superior services. Our team is hard-working, intelligent, and possesses a positive deal-making attitude. Carpé Residential offers competitive professional development training and long-term growth opportunities.

Unsurpassed Level of Real EstateKnowledge

Tired of researching endless brokerage possibilities? Tired of all the empty promises? Perhaps you like paying desk fees, franchise fees, and putting in mandatory office time? Why be just a buyer's representative when you can learn so much more? Today's decision on choosing a sponsoring broker is about who will invest in you, provide ample resources/training, include fantastic technology applications, incorporate unbelievable marketing opportunities, and reward professionals for unlimited recruitment of other professionals.

The residential brokerage landscape is constantly changing. Today is no longer about physical offices in every community or mandatory office time. It is now about reaching your clients in your markets, utilizing the newest and best marketing technologies, and demonstrating an unsurpassed level of real estate knowledge….in both residential and commercial real estate.

    We Are Uniquely Different

    We provide a fresh and much-needed change. Yes, we run and operate a residential real estate business. We also run and operate commercial real estate businesses too. Unlike most brokerages out there, we know both industries second to none. Ever wonder why the sophisticated professionals focus in the commercial space only? Beyond residential, do any of the following get you excited to learn more?

    • • Want to learn more about commercial real estate and how it works?
    • • Curious how many different asset types are included?
    • • How do cash flow and valuation work?
    • • How do properties get underwritten by lenders?

    Residential and Commercial Real Estate

    Very few brokerages understand commercial real estate. Even less provide appropriate training and support on the commercial real estate front. Why box yourself into just residential transactions and a one-sided career? We are pleased to provide these answers and training to our professionals. Training should not be an extra agent expense, it should not be a revenue line item for your broker.

    Residential real estate is much larger than one community, it is a metroplex-wide business using technology. Be a part of a growing company with multiple platforms across residential and commercial real estate. Research our company, see our marketing difference, explore our unique DFW map, read client testimonials, and learn firsthand why our brokerage surpasses many. Be a part of something bigger than just one small brokerage in one community office. A growing residential real estate company is great, a growing full-service residential and commercial real estate company is better. Be part of the change.

      Next Steps

      If you are interested in a career with Carpé Residential, please submit your resume and cover letter to or call us at (972) 200-7312.